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Data Protection: Cybersecurity Policy, Law, and Strategy is a Course

Data Protection: Cybersecurity Policy, Law, and Strategy

Time limit: 90 days

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Course Title

Data Protection: Cybersecurity Policy, Law, and Strategy

Course Description

This course broadly examines the key laws, regulations, and Executive Orders concerning data protection and privacy. The course focuses on the roles of Federal, state, and local regulators and law enforcement officials in cybersecurity and examines data protection and national security issues governed by various Federal agencies (e.g., SEC, FTC, DOJ, DHS, NSA). Additionally, the course addresses intellectual property protection, best practices (e.g., NIST Cybersecurity Framework), the role of an attorney (in-house and outside counsel) in cybersecurity, and the development of a proactive security strategy.

Learning Objectives

  • You will understand the major legal concepts and laws relative to cybersecurity, including privacy, financial services, business concerns, national security and law enforcement concerns, and international law.

  • You will understand the legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to cybersecurity and will be able to identify the varying Federal regulatory bodies overseeing same.

  • You will be able to identify legal issues pertaining to cybersecurity and understand the role of the attorney in cybersecurity, including the varying types of litigation and liability for data breaches.

Course Contributors 

Prof. Kevin Powers


Prof. Kevin Powers

Director, M.S. in Cybersecurity Program
Boston College

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